Monday, April 29 at 7:00pm

David Petrovic – an autistic teacher, award-winning author, and national speaker (including TEDx) – will enlighten you on the realities and potentials of life with autism. Minimally verbal until age 3, Dave reveals his journey from struggles (including being bullied) to embracement of his autism and Tourette’s. He educates and inspires acceptance of hardships and differences, in self and others. As everyone will cross paths with autistic persons, whether socially or professionally, this talk should not be missed – especially by parents and those who work with autistic students, clients, patients, or co-workers. The lessons David learned are applicable to any difference, not merely autism. Enjoy the levity that he brings to these serious topics while rethinking personal perspectives. A sale and signing of his books will follow the presentation. To learn more about David, visit Call the library at 440-944-6010 or click HERE to register for this program.