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Wickliffe Public Library Policies & Forms

Library Forms

Forms available to download:

Library Policies

Purpose of Policies

The Public Services Policies of the Wickliffe Public Library explain and regulate the manner in which the library directly interacts with library patrons and the community it serves. These policies describe the variety, extent, and limit of services and materials offered by the Library, and ensure that patrons and staff alike may understand what those opportunities and limits are. Policies are approved by the Wickliffe Public Library Board of Trustees and are reviewed and revised as necessary.

Service Philosophy

The Wickliffe Public Library provides free, open, and equal access and service to all individuals and groups in the community. In the selection of library materials and the use of the Library by the community, the Wickliffe Public Library subscribes fully to the principles adopted by the American Library Association in Libraries: An American Value, and in The Library Bill of Rights and its subsequent interpretations.

Public Services Policies

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